Thursday, January 14, 2016

Planet Earth Is (Always) Blue

For the majority of the week, so long that I can't even remember the exact day I went in now, I was in the hospital. IVs, blood work pretty much daily, bad hospital food (and sometimes a lack of), the whole nine my week was already pretty lousy.

And then I woke up early on January 11th (according to my Plurk timestamp) and saw that the world had fallen down.

Mine stopped.

David Bowie. I refused to believe it. He had just put out an album, Blackstar, and I had not too long before that made a Plurk about his 69th birthday. Suddenly, the Thin White Duke, our Star Man...our Goblin King, our slightly insane lad from Brixton, was gone.

It hit hard. Perhaps harder than it should have, to an outsider.

I was always 'weird', a misfit...someone who definitely didn't fit in as well as anyone else around my peers here in South Carolina. I probably still don't, although I find I don't really dwell on it as much as I did in my younger days.

I found solace in music, movies...books. There were a lot of books and music. One day, I got to sit and watch Labyrinth, and I saw this man with wild hair and a singing voice that blew my young mind away. I was hooked, and I think I even found my first crush. He was a misfit, a weirdo....he was like me. He was a better version, of course, and I came to revere that. He took what I (and so many others) felt, and still feel...and he embraced it, and he made the world stand up and take notice. Through him, being 'weird' was suddenly...okay. It was more than okay, it was celebrated. Sure, there were haters, as no one can escape that, but they just didn't matter...they could have their opinions.

He made us belong, even if it was just amongst ourselves. He was our Duke, and we adored him.

But now he has departed this earth. He has gone home, and planet Earth truly is blue.

I know I am.

Thank you, David, our Thin White Duke....
thank you.

Thank you for making this weirdo misfit from the south feel like she had a place, even if she hasn't completely settled into it yet.

...our stars will look different forever, because you are now among them.

Shine on, you brilliant man.

 The Goods:

Another blow to my heart; Alan Rickman. I am not even sure what to say right now.

He was amazing, and like David, far too young to be gone.

He showed us pure talent, and with a grace and charm that will never be matched again. He never played a villain, he play interesting people, and that was his opinion. It was mine as well.

He leaves a hole in this world that will never be filled.

Hans Gruber. Elliot Marston. Sheriff of Nottingham. Colonel Brandon. Metatron. Alexander Dane. Severus Snape. ..down to his last (upcoming role reprisal) as the voice of the Blue Caterpillar in Alice Through the Looking Glass...he will be remembered and cherished.

Raise your wands, Potter fans. Raise them high.

For everyone else...raise your glass, your lighters..hell, raise your cell phone flashlight.


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