Tuesday, June 21, 2016

UAC Medieval Faire 2016 - Part One

The UAC Medieval Faire began this weekend. If you aren't familiar with what I'm talking about, see my previous blog post here:Press Release: 2nd Annual Medieval Faire and get caught up! I myself am a bit late, as I had so much going on leading up to the event, I barely had time to stop and breathe..so we can all just be behind together.

Today I am blogging the offerings from Beyond Persuasion and Kaerri.

Beyond Persuasion has two dresses; Berengaria and Isabella...but for the purposes of this blog (and to lead you to the Faire to go look for yourself!) I am only showing you Isabella. I thought the soft tones of the dress fit in nicely in the cloister, although on second glance perhaps wearing a hood would have worked far better, as I seem to recall women didn't go into holy areas with their heads uncovered! Oops.

The cloister Kaerri has created offers a chance at building your own calm, peaceful garden reminiscent of the medieval gardens one would expect to see at a church or perhaps at a nunnery. With a nice bench to settle on and contemplate the world while listening to the soft babble of the fountain behind you, it gives a quiet atmosphere for further reflection, or just to simply drink in the silence.

I will have my part two of this up later on, so check back...but in the meantime, click here: UAC Medieval Faire to head down to the faire and see these items for yourself!

The Wearables:
  • Medieval Faire Items:
  • Other Items:
    • IKON Hope Eyes - Wraith [L eye]  / Ghost [R eye]  
    • LOGO Sadie v5.0 (Omega Compatible) 
    • Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V3.5 
    • SLink Avatar Enhancement Feet Deluxe V1.2
    • SLink Avatar Enhancement Hands V2.3 
    • Truth -  Kasimire Hair & Accessory [Aqua] 
The Decor (all from the Medieval Faire):
  • Kaerri - Cloister
    • Arch Row
    • Cloister Bench
    • Cloister Fountain
    • Cloister Statue
    • Cloister Sundial
    • Cloister Orange & Lemon Trees
    • ...and many more garden plants!


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