Monday, May 2, 2016

A Selfish Post? Maybe.

Today I am sharing an image I took this past week of an outfit and some ankle boots I worked on as I try to recreate my store, and actually do something I can only hope is worthwhile on some level.

It's been a challenge to fit in working on the store while also working on an SL wedding (not mine, I assure you) and working with an SL modeling agency as the Executive Assistant/landscaper/all around pain in the arse.

Add to that the fact that my leg is screwing up again (I'm trying my damnedest to avoid another hospital stay) and I've been medicating and lying in bed a lot, the challenge is even greater.

Fun times.

At any rate, I have made the effort to drag myself out of the bed and make a post here at 8:00AM, and then I'll try to get into SL for the first time in a couple of days (I think, I've lost track of time) and push myself back into more creating and catching up on any work I've fallen behind on.

The outfit I made comes in five colors, and is already up for sale in world (I still have to do the marketplace links. Ugh), but I have put up a blog post here [I really need to find a blogger for this store blog, I can't keep up with this and everything else I do]  that shows the vendor ads for each color. I called it Cozy Days, because I am terrible with naming stuff. The ankle boots are for SLink high feet, and they come in 12 different colors. I named then Jen boots, after a friend. They know who they are, most likely.

The image on this post will only show the Blue/Grey colored outfit in Cozy Days, as well as the Rain version of the Jen boots.

As an aside, I added the shadow on the ground via Photoshop, using a tutorial from Daeberethwen Arbenlow, which you can watch here.

...though I admit I had to make a duplicate layer of my image and erase everything around the body to do it, and I still need to polish up on making shadows better, but everyone has to start somewhere. (Thanks to Dae for making the video!)

The Goods 
  • Hair: Kerry in Red by Ploom
  • Head: Sadie by LOGO
  • Skin: Adore (Bare/Red Brow - Tone 5) by Lumae
  • Body: Lara by Maitreya
  • Hands: Avatar Enhancement Hands (Casual) by SLink
  •  Eyes: Wraith (Left Eye) & Ghost (Right Eye) by IKON
  • Clothes: Cozy Days in Blue & Grey by Faisean (my store)
  • Feet:Avatar Enhancement Feet Deluxe V1.2 by SLink
  • Shoes: Jen Ankle Boots in Rain by Faisean


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