Monday, May 2, 2011

Inventory Madness

Jenica over at Hey Girlfriend! gave me the idea of sharing photos of things I have in my inventory, so I thought I would attempt it. Sadly, my computer is pretty consistent with making the edges of every photo I take pixellated despite all attempts at fixing it, so I'm tinkering around with smoothing them out in Photoshop...and the results give me mixed emotions.

Since Jenica gave me the idea, I totally went over and stole her house for the photos.

All that aside, here's the first round of Inventory Madness.
- Shirt (Tres Blah - Seasons Hunt)
- Shorts (Moonshine Designs - pretty old, and I think the store name was different)
- Shoes (friday)
- Hair (Truth)
- Skin (Belleza)
- Eyes (Negaposi)

 Stuff in the House o' Jeni:
- Chair (Cheeky Pea)
- Fireplace and most of the stuff around it (What Next)
- Pet Bed (Cheeky Pea)
- Curtain (North West - Seasons Hunt)
- House (L2 Studio)
More to come!


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