Hey there! I’m Ana, but I also get called Potato, Tater, Tayto, Tayturr, etc..whichever you want to call me. I come in many flavors (read: avatars) and I’m the ringleader of this madhouse. Or, well, currently the only one in this madhouse. I like video games/PC games, books, online comics, music of varying genres, and I laugh like a hyena over the silliest of things (mainly my friend Kaija >_>). I’m an SL roleplayer currently leading the Grand Duchy of Venucia in the Chronicles of Lynnea (which, if you are interested in a group loosely based on ancient Rome, drop by and check us out!), a terrible designer that owns a small store called Faisean that admittedly I have more gacha event excess for sale in than things I've actually done, and I'm an all around loon. If you want to contact me, I can be found in world as Anarya Elderslie.


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